The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Movie Star Planet Cheats

Movie Star Planet Cheats

  1. Watching and making movies and artbooks
    1. Get people to watch your movies!
    2. Make friends and share your movies with them.
    3. Watch short movies. You get 10 Starcoins everytime without having to watch something super long.
    4. Make a series. People will be more interested in watching a series.
  2. Make short movies. Short movies are a five scene movie that you can make quickly for fame, and starcoins!
  3. View lots of artbooks. If you love artbooks, you get StarCoins and you give people fame. If you comment by saying “cool movie” or “awesome artbook” a lot, you’ll have a great reputation of being nice and friendly.
  4. Interacting with other players
    1. Be nice to people and make friends. If you want to be popular and famous, you have to be known by people, and the best way to do this is make friends and be nice! If you’re mean people won’t want to befriend you and you’ll be known in a not-so-kind way. Be nice and compliment people, give them autographs, and so forth.
    2. Have a good attitude. If you’re always grumpy and negative, no one will want to be your friend and you’ll be disliked. Write nice comments on friends walls, or support other people’s work. Then people will want to give back to you and you will have a good reputation.
  5. Go to chatrooms. If you go there often and chat, you’ll make some friends. Find something interesting to chat about and people will respond.
  6. Go to forums. You can click on some, read them and comment. Make sure they’re nice and positive or if it’s negative, you’ll be disliked. You can make your own by clicking the plus button. Only level 6 or VIPs can post forums.
  7. Friend high leveled MovieStars. If you give them a lot of autos, help them get fame, and say lots of nice things to them, they might want to add you and they might say nice things about you to get you known.
  8. Play games for coins and fame. If you play a game like Dress Up you can spin the Starcoin wheel if you win. You also get up to 500 fame whether you win or not, but it depends what place you get.
  9. Pet animals for points. There are many varieties of Boonies and Bonsters. If you pet then you get Starcoins! The most well-known method is to go to high scores and select pets, then click the owner name and go to their room. They have tons of animals to pet. It may take a while to get Starcoins from this method but everyday you can re-pet an animal.

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